Henty delivers innovation and forward thinking

Henty has delivered innovation and forward thinking in agriculture and production for decades, according to AgriFutures Australia chair Kay Hull.

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In opening the 2019 field days on September 17, Ms Hull said Henty had helped foster generations of rural leaders and innovators.

“It has played a significant role in encouraging young professionals, some now probably ageing professionals to be entrepreneurial and commercially savvy,” she said.

“Over the years, we have seen the technologies showcased here reduce production costs, increase yields and reduce the environmental footprint of agricultural across the entire nation and internationally.”

Ms Hull said it was humbling to see producers picking themselves up, and dusting themselves off with a positive outlook to defy the desperate efforts of a ravaging drought.

“We were told there will be a hungrier world, however, it will be a bumpier ride as we adjust to globalisation, changing climate, advances in technology, and genetic science such as the introduction of synthetics being promoted as the real deal.

“We will see choosy customers, information powered consumers will have expectations of ethics and demand health of product from producers, and more are changing the way food and fibre is produced and transported.

“It will be the future thinking, resilient and agritech savy rural industries that will be well placed to respond to these challenges, and Henty is doing its fair share of positioning our producers to make bold and sometimes unusual decision in taking control of the future of agriculture.”

HMFD chairman Nigel Scheetz said the core philosophy if the field days was showcasing the latest and most innovative agricultural technology to the farming and wider community.

“What a roller coaster ride regional Australia has witnessed during the last 12 months,” Mr Scheetz said.

“While our immediate area around Henty has enjoyed an average season, our hearts go out to the majority of eastern Australia which is experiencing back to back dry periods.

“HMFD has a strong passion for our future farmers.

“We are passionate about seeing our younger generation keen to be part of all areas of agriculture, whether it be research, service, or hands-on – we applaud every facet.”


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Henty is located midway between Albury and Wagga Wagga on the Olympic Way