New HMFD exhibitor awards to reward excellence

More than 800 national and international agricultural and commercial businesses will be eligible for the inaugural HMFD Exhibitor Awards at the 2018 field days.

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Cavin Osborn, Kelly Engineering, is one
of many exhibitors putting resources,
time and effort into their field day site.
The inaugural HMFD Exhibitor awards
will be introduced this year to recognise
excellence in site presentation.

Awards will be presented on Wednesday, September 20 to the winners of the Best Outdoor Large Commercial, Best Outdoor General and Best Indoor Exhibitor sites. 

The field days will be held on September 18-20 and are set to draw 60,000 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors.

HMFD chief executive officer Belinda Anderson said the field days co-operative prided itself on providing a showcase with a modern professional image, and the latest in agricultural machinery and technology.

Mrs Anderson said the exhibitor awards would encourage site holders to strive for similar ideals during the field days.

“Many of our exhibitors put a lot of time, resources and effort into having their sites looking first class, to engage with field day patrons and potential customers,’’ she said.

“Cutting edge technology combined with innovative ideas and marketing techniques are continually being used at the event by businesses to capture new market share.

“We want to recognise and reward these businesses who take a great deal of pride in their sites.

“We will have a judging panel from the HMFD co-operative assessing indoor and outdoor businesses on the opening day of the field days.’’

HMFD machinery award winner Kelly Engineering, of South Australia, is one of the businesses embracing interactive digital technology on their site to remain relevant to customers.

At Henty last year the manufacturer introduced touch screens video monitors on the various products.

Visitors used the navigation tools to learn about stubble management, weed control, chemical incorporation and the individual machine.

Video brochures were also provided to customers.

Sales manager Cavin Osborn said the monitors and video brochures were the next step in visitor engagement at field days.

“There is no point coming to a field day and plonking something on the block, and expecting people to come along and look at it,’’ he said.

For more information on the exhibitor awards, contact the HMFD office on 02 6929 3305.


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