Multi-purpose tracking trailer takes judges eye

A South Australian designed and manufactured multi-purpose tracking trailer has won the coveted Greater Hume Shire Award at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

henty sept 21 2017 7169 edited 1 1 Taylor Reid and Cavin Osborn celebrate
Kelly Engineering’s win for the best
designed and manufactured Australian
machine at the Henty Machinery Field


The award recognises the best new Australian designed and built agricultural machine and was judged by a panel of independent judges at the Henty Machinery Field Days on September 19-21.

It was presented by Greater Hume Shire mayor Heather Wilton and Henty Machinery Field Days director Nigel Scheetz to Kelly Engineering sales manager Cavin Osborn, Booleroo Centre, SA. 

Developed to transport header combs, the Kelly Tracking Trailer can be used throughout the year for carrying multiple liquid fertiliser, chemical shuttles, hay and a wide range of header fronts.

Released to the market last month, the trailer features steering front and rear wheels tracking perfectly behind the towing vehicle.

This allows for turning within tighter spaces as the Kelly Engineering team recognised that machinery is getting bigger, and negotiating narrow roads was becoming increasingly difficult.

Judge Mark Bowyer said the tracking trailer impressed the judging panel with its uniqueness.

He said the mind boggled at the varying applications for a single trailer.

“I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere whereby the steering mechanism runs up through the middle of the machine to steer the front and back axles,’’ Mr Bowyer said.

“Long comb trailers behind headers tend to cut in on corners and it can be a bit of a problem.

“The steering mechanism allows the rear of the machine to follow quite well.

“The machine is also suitable for other applications – it can take any form of header front from the bigger draper style to the smaller canola pick-up fronts.

“The cleverly designed brackets can be interchanged on the chassis, or they can be removed to use the trailer for other purposes, such as a chemical trailer behind a self-propelled sprayer.

“The price of the machine given its build quality was quite reasonable.’’

Kelly sales manager Cavin Osborn said the trailer had evolved from a header comb trailer to a universal machine.

“Header combs are getting bigger and harder to manoeuvre around so we wanted to design a trailer to make it easier,’’ Mr Osborn said.

“We thought if the attachments were adjustable or removable, we could put enviro drums or hay bales on the trailer as well.’’

Mr Osborn said the 5m long trailer had a 2m wheelbase with adjustable brackets to suit header combs of any shape or size.

“It has an extendable hitch and there is a linkage from the front wheels to the back wheels to ensure it tracks right behind the tow vehicle,’’ he said.

“They are fitted with highly load rated heavy duty implement tyres.’’

Mr Osborn said the frame was built for strength and durability.

He said interest in the trailer had been strong at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

“To win an award like this puts us in the limelight and we are very excited about what it means, and what it can do for us.

“We have been exhibiting at Henty for about 10 years and is a perfect spot to sell our diamond harrows, discs and prickle chain modules.’’

Kelly Engineering took a bold step with their field days marketing this year by introducing touch screens video monitors on the various products.

Visitors can use the navigation tools to learn about stubble management, weed control, chemical incorporation and the individual machine.

Video brochures are also provided to customers.

Mr Osborn said the monitors and video brochures were the next step in visitor engagement at field days.

“There is no point coming to a field day and plonking something on the block, and expecting people to come along and look at it,’’ he said.


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