August 2022

The Horsch Leeb VL6-280 self-propelled sprayer is a whole different platform and concept than normally seen in Australia.

An entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award from Muddy River Agricultural, the new Horsch sprayer accomplishes this by putting the boom closer to the target – 30cm away from it to be precise.

This allows finer spray particles to more evenly and effectively cover weeds before the spray either drifts away or simply evaporates into the air.

The Boom Pro Plus controlling system allows five boom sections to move independently from one another. The system can effectively contour over hills while lifting on the side of a valley.

This, coupled with a simple yet effective boom suspension system, makes for an extremely smooth operation. This keeps each boom section in close relation with the ground it is spraying, even at normal spraying speeds.

An available 50cm or 25cm nozzle spacing on the booms maintain proper coverage and spray overlap with the lower boom heights.

Aiding in the operation of the booms is an independent wheel-suspension system keeping the machine stable on even the trickiest terrain.

 The weight of the machine is divided 50/50 between the front and rear wheels, regardless of product remaining in the tank.

The Horsch Leeb VL6-280 is somewhat lighter than comparable machines. This weight reduction along with four-wheel steering, track spacing from 2.5m to 4m and adjustable height to 1.98m makes the machine a great contender for any field or crop scenario.

An Iveco/FPT engine provides the power to a more efficient hydrostatic drive system, which makes more power to the ground without using more horsepower. Hooking that power to the ground, Horsch uses larger 480 x 95R x 50 tyres to improve traction and flotation.

Most common widths of tires will be available. 

Sprayer cleanliness starts with simplicity. The Horsch Leeb VL6-280 uses less hose and fittings which mean fewer places for chemical to get trapped in the first place. A recirculating boom ensures chemical is never sitting still inside the wet system, which means it won’t be able to stick to the inside of hoses and fittings.

Finally, the rinsing system is a continuous flush of clean water provided by a pump exclusive to the rinsing system. 

It internally washes the internal components with fresh water, which is then sent through the booms and out the nozzles in one nonstop action. This continuous rinse system is faster and more effective than batch rinsing systems used by most other manufacturers. 

New to Australia in 2021, the Reiter Respiro R9 pickup technology is changing the way farmers traditionally rake/merge their crops.

An entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award, the Reiter Respiro R9 leaves the crop with a lot less ash content to give a higher feed value.

The geometry of the trailing pickup allows the fodder to be lifted cleanly, leaving soil and rocks on the ground.

The results are improved animal health, digestibility, return on investment and less wear and tear on machinery producing the hay or silage.

The pickup design is simple with fixed tines, no tine arms, cam track or cam track bearings.

Exclusive to Reiter is the flexible width of the pickup with four rotating skids to follow the ground contours. It is also a small diameter, once the crop is lifted with the pick up, it is then transferred onto the conveyor belt by the top rotor.

Once the crop is on the conveyor operators have the choice of windrows, centre delivery, all to one side, both sides or one side and one centre. 

The Reiter Respiro R9 can be found at the Megamac Equipment site at Henty at Block R 822-823.

With feral pig numbers exploding across the country, the specific bait delivery device called PIGBAITTA is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

It has been entered by Got A Bug Group, a family-run, environmentally friendly pest control service catering for a complete range of pest issues.

Got A Bug has the skills and experience to project manage large pest projects across Australia, supplying experienced personnel and equipment.

Pest control specialist Barry Kelly has spent the last 15 years being involved in award winning feral pig projects. 

It was whilst conducting these projects and six years of research and trials that led to the development and production in Australia of the PIGBAITTA.

PIGBAITTA is a feral pig specific bait delivery device that can be used with either 1080 or sodium nitrite baits.

The PIGBAITTA holds up to 250kg of free feed, with an in-built baiting system and is designed to be non-invasive specifically crafted to target feral pigs.

PIGBAITTA is the only feral pig specific bait delivery device available engineered and manufactured in Australia with Australian steel, and fully galvanised with a 10 year structural warranty.

“Requiring fewer site visits, PIGBAITTA reduces disturbance to the area, human scent and decreases safety risks to staff,” Mr Kelly said. 

“Data can be sent back to the office computer via grain volume sensors linked to satellite providers so you know when to bait without visiting the site.

“PIGBAITTA can be lifted into isolated areas fully loaded with the optional sling specifically designed for use with a helicopter.

“The design is the result of six years of research and trials throughout Australia, and we believe this device will be a game changer in the control of feral pigs on a broader scale.”

Field day visitors will be entertained by the Yanco Agricultural High School drum corps at The Stump on Wednesday, September 21.

The drum corps is an integral part of the history and tradition of the school and has won many awards for their performances.

Students from Year 8 to 12 make up the drum corps and play at official school functions such as Anzac Day ceremonies, formal assemblies, the beach carnival march past, athletics carnival, performance night and grandparent’s day.

They have been invited to play at many public functions including the secondary principal’s conference in Albury, Kids Rapt on Performing in Griffith, the Youth Olympics in Sydney, ICPA, CWA conferences and the 2019 Henty Machinery Field Days.

 The Yanco drummers also provide coaching for young students, have performed at the School Spectacular in Sydney, and agricultural shows including Weethalle, Condobolin and Rankins Springs.

The drummers were requested to provide special guest performances at the official opening of Education Week, Wagga, the Leeton Town Band Spectacular, the Murrumbateman Field Days, the Leeton Eisteddfod and the 2017 Condobolin Tattoo.

Under the guidance of YAHS teacher Jason Sachs the drummers practice a variety of drumming styles and complex routines.

They will entertain field day patrons at The Stump on 12.30pm on Wednesday, September 21.

A dual axle, electric powered, side delivery trailer designed for the fast filling of feed troughs is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The Paton Troughmaster is a fast and cost-effective way to fill troughs without the heavy and tedious lifting of bags or buckets.  

This handy little trailer now enables farmers to pull up beside their feed troughs, press a button and drive forward watching the feed fill evenly along the feed trough, all done in minutes.

This ATV trailer is electric powered and requires no electrical connection to the towing vehicles. 

It has a simple plug-in for charging so no need to connect your home charger. Included is a battery protection device if the battery gets too low so no battery damage can be done.  

A single overnight charge should last approximately two hours run time.

An added feature is the variable speed control. This means the flow from the exit spout can be set to suit the feed type and the speed of the vehicle.

The trailer bin is 0.9m3 so will carry approximately 500kg of feed.

Now trough feeding is simple, quick, safer and doesn’t require heavy machinery across wet paddocks.  An added optional feature is the 'time set function' which allows the operator to pre-set the feed delivery run time on the auger, and so it consistently delivers the same ration.  

By pressing the toggle, the feed cycle begins again and stops automatically when the target time is reached.

The Paton Troughmaster will save time, save your back and encourage better supplementary feeding management.

International circus star Marcela Scheuner is back to dazzle field day visitors with her hoop and juggling routine in a roving street performance.

The 27-year-old grew up in Henty and considers performing at the field days an honour.

With 20 years of circus training behind her, Marcela has an impressive resume from years of coaching, directing and creating as well as performances at the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre, Melbourne’s Exhibition Centre, Sydney’s Seymour Centre, Adelaide’s Tandanya Theatre, all over Queensland.

She came to Henty in 2019 fresh from touring all year with the traditional troupe Lennon Bros Circus and went on to tour with Circus OZ.

“I feel as if Henty has watched me grow as an artist and a person over the years - I’ve been performing and attending the field days for as long as I can remember and it’s such an honour to be welcomed back,” Marcela said.

“It’s the event I look forward to the most each year, it’s lots of fun – I revolve my availability for work around these dates.”

Marcela was invited to perform at the San Diego Fringe Festival with a show she has been involved with for several years, Cirque Nocturne.

She has also built her independent career through many corporate gigs around NSW and Victoria, and working with Kindred Circus to deliver performances and workshops to remote indigenous areas throughout SA and NT.

Most recently Marcela was co-founder and creator of the show BOSS SQUAD, where Adelaide’s Point and Flex Circus and Albury-Wodonga Wildhouse Circus joined forces to create one epic, all female, inspiring, powerful and high intensity acrobatic production.

BOSS SQUAD won two Best Circus and Physical Theatre awards at the 2020 and 2021 Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

With five successful seasons at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne’s Side Sault Festival, Falls Festival, Browerville Festival and the New Zealand Fringe Festival, it is just the beginning for these award-winning acrobats.

Marcela will be appearing each day at the field days in roving street performances around the site, including the Farm Gate and Country Lifestyle stages.

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