Hardi Rubicon is a game changer in self-propelled sprayers

An entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award is set to be a game change in self-propelled sprayers in Australia.

Screen Shot 2016 09 01 at 94633 AM 248x300The new Hardi Rubicon has the
ability to spray 50 per cent more
hectares than the 6000 litre
capacity self-propelled.

The newly released Hardi Rubicon 9000 represents a quantum leap in productivity, covering 150ha at 60 litres/ha.

This represents a 50 per cent increase in hectares sprayed compared to a 6000 litre capacity self-propelled sprayer.

Rubicon offers a 48.5m boom width representing a 35 per cent increase in work rate over a comparable 36m boom, with the capability of covering 121ha at 25kph or 146ha an hour at 30 kph.

Rubicon has the power and torque to effortlessly carry 9000 litres and 48.5m around the paddock, with a Cummins 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A engine to generate 370hp.

OverRide suspension is a fully independent suspension with triple convoluted low-pressure air bags and heavy-duty shock absorbers, allowing each wheel to react to paddock conditions free of the influence of the others.

The large radius tyres have longer but narrower contact area to the ground, to reduce rolling resistance and crop damage.

Rubicon has a 3-4 m track width adjustment, and a 1.85m ground clearance significantly reducing turbulence and spray drift as the sprayer moves through the crop.


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