Big Beefa, Rambo and Lambinator on show at Henty


The Conron Stockcretes are robust and cast as a single piece of concrete with no separate float boxes.

First time exhibitors at Henty, Conron Stockcrete, have urged farmers to start planning for the next drought.

Joel and Rachel Conron have worked through all the issues producers have with their troughs to come up with a fool-proof design.

“Whether it’s losing a tank of water in the middle of summer after cattle have rubbed on a valve box and jammed the float or the concrete lid proved too heavy to lift, we have addressed issues dislike about their troughs,’’ Mr Conron said.

“The premium design incorporates an easy lift galvanised checker plate lid, sweep-through cleaning access between the float and water areas, an outlet level with the tapered base and a float valve box large enough to fit any float valve on the market.

“Our troughs are solid but easy to use. They have thicker walls and base, and use galvanised reinforcing to ensure a maximum lifespan.

“We pour them as one piece of concrete – there are no separate float boxes for cattle to push off.

“The lids are light enough for everyone to lift, and you can simply undo the outlet which is level with the tapered base, and the water and rubbish drains out by itself.’’

A testament to their passion for the humble water trough, are the names the Conron Stockcrete troughs bear.

“We have a Big Beefa, the Rambo, a Lambinator – they are a premium water trough and deserve a flash name too,’’ Mr Conron said.

“We are aiming to change the way people think about their livestock water systems, and have built a trough that will last.

“Water systems should be viewed as an asset, and part of a long term plan for a property’s water infrastructure.

“And, there are incentives about at the moment to encourage producers to prepare for the next dry spell.’’

Funding in the form of grants to subsidies are available through Local Land Services and as well as tax incentives to enable water infrastructure to be written off in the first year.

While Henty will be the first major exposure to the market, there have been plenty of satisfied farmers since the business launched full time in February 2016.

“Henty is what we have been working towards,’’ Mr Conron said.

“It’s the pinnacle of showcasing your product, and it’s exciting for us to be bringing something we are so proud of.’’