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    TEKtalks to give insights on emerging ag technologies
The TEKFARM Agritech Innovation Hub at Henty will host TEKtalks each day at 11.30am and 2.30pm providing insights about technologies and how to de-risk adoption. Image F2F

TEKtalks to give insights on emerging ag technologies

Investing in and deploying agtech on-farm can be daunting but a new program from Farmers2Founders is tackling this challenge head-on by prioritising the needs of farmer and fostering connections between key stakeholders.

Third generation cattle producer and Agtech Program Manager at F2F, Matt Anderson, believes adoption of agtech is a huge opportunity for farmers and F2F TEKFARM ™ offers a unique approach to realise the benefits.

F2F TEKFARM™ focuses on connecting three main participants in the agtech adoption process: producers, intermediaries (such as consultants and industry experts), and agtech providers. 

By addressing the adoption challenges faced by each group collaboratively, F2F TEKFARM™ aims to support Australian farmers in enhancing their sustainability, profitability and productivity through technology adoption.

The program works with farmers to define the problems they face on-farm and their desired technological solutions, facilitates collaborative engagements with relevant tech providers to trial and demonstrate technology, and builds capability across the industry with education and extension initiatives. 

This approach ensure farmers receive technology tailored to their needs and the necessary support to integrate it effectively, maximising its benefits. 

The benefits of F2F TEKFARM™ extend beyond farmers to industry professionals and trusted advisors (e.g. consultants and agronomists). These intermediaries gain the tools and expertise to guide their clients in adopting technology and transforming their farming businesses. 

The program also enables agtech providers to receive valuable feedback from consumers, allowing them to refine their products based on user needs. 

Farmers2Founders is excited to collaborate with farmers, agtech companies, and agricultural advisors and will set up the TEKFARM Agritech Innovation Hub at Henty Machinery Field Days and sponsor the Agri-Innovation Awards.

The awards will include accolades for Agritech Innovation of the Year with other awards to recognise emerging agtech start-ups, innovative producers and the Female Innovator of the Year.

The hub will host TEKtalks each day at 11.30am and 2.30pm providing insights about technologies and how to de-risk adoption. 

Featured technologies include Pairtree Intelligence, Farmo, AirAgri, Cibo Labs and more showcasing transformative solutions for farming operations.

The talks are: Tuesday, 11.30am: “The future of farming: Exploring innovative AgTech solutions”; Tuesday, 2.30pm: “Beyond Barriers: Overcoming challenges in AgTech Adoption on farms”; Wednesday, 11.30am: “Tech farm revolution: embracing AgTech for sustainable agriculture”, Wednesday, 2.30pm: “AgTech Showcase: Discovering the latest tools and techniques for farming success” and Thursday, 2.30pm: “Data driven farming: leveraging data for decision making on farm”.

The Agri-Innovator Awards announcement honouring winners across four categories will take place at The Stump on Thursday, September 21at 11am. Interested participants can visit www.farmers2founders.com/henty-agri-innovators-awards to enter before August 21.

To learn more about the F2F TEKFARM program visit www.farmers2founders.com. Through collaboration and innovation, F2F TEKFARM™ aims to overcome barriers to agtech adoption and unlock greater value for the agricultural sector.

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