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      Sow seeds of success with Flexi-Coil’s 7200 Air Drill
The Flexi-Coil 7200 Air Drill is revolutionising farming through its precision and power. Image Flexi-Coil

Sow seeds of success with Flexi-Coil’s 7200 Air Drill

The dynamic duo of the Flexi-Coil 7200 Air Drill and 60 Series Air Cart have been making waves in the agricultural industry and are an entry in the 2023 Henty Machine of the Year Award. 

The 7200 Air Drill showcases the pinnacle of modern engineering and has been put through rigorous testing to receive the stamp of approval from Australian farmers.

Its standout features include a user-friendly depth adjustment mechanism and unparalleled crop emergence, distinguishing it from other equipment in the agricultural industry. 

The newly designed row unit is a testament to the state-of-the-art design, durability, and manufacturing quality. It boasts an industry-leading true Parallel Link row unit for optimum ground following, ensuring optimum seed to fertiliser placement.

This in turn leads to unmatched crop emergence. The 1:1 seed to fertiliser placement is maintained throughout the movement of the row unit, making it a reliable choice for farmers. 

The 7200 Air Drill also excels in high residue conditions, offering industry leading trash flow.

It’s designed to pair seamlessly with the 60 Series air carts, creating a powerful combination delivering superior seed metering accuracy and industry-leading sectional control.

The 7200’s fold-back design ensures safe, easy transport and storage. It also features ISObus machine control for convenient, user-friendly machine control. 

And for those who need a larger set up, there’s an option for up to 80’ available for tow-between and tow-behind air cart setups.

The 60 Series Air Cart offers capacities up to 33,477 litres and features the patented FlexRate Section control.

The quick fill conveyor with remote control is a game changer, making the filling process faster and more efficient.

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