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 Sarah immersing herself in all things rural at field days
Sarah Parry is a weekly boarder at Scots and is looking forward to attending the Henty Machinery Field Days. Image Scots School

Sarah immersing herself in all things rural at field days

The future of Australian agriculture is in good hands when a pair of them belong to The Scots School Albury Year 10 student Sarah Parry.

As an annual Henty Machinery Field Days goer, Sarah is looking forward to once again immersing herself in all things rural at Henty as part of her Agriculture studies at Scots. 

A group of Year 9, 10 and 11 Agriculture students from Scots will complete a series of questions and tasks that align to the content they are learning in their Ag studies. And it is the perfect opportunity for them to investigate potential agricultural career options.

Sarah is destined for a life in agriculture - perhaps studying agriculture science or rural science straight out of school - with a plan to return to her family farm in the longer term. 

The Scots boarder hails from a sheep and cropping farm in Sandigo, about 20km out of Narrandera in the heart of the Riverina. 

Sarah’s father died when she was three years old and her mother, Kate, went solo in running the family farm which incorporates their home block Glengarry, and two other properties Gleneslea and Coonoor. 

Kate runs Merino and first cross ewes and grows wheat, barley and canola on rotation plus a mixed species crop for sheep feed. She used to run a large herd of beef cattle but sold them off in 2019 after years of drought and has expanded to a sheep share farming arrangement instead. Kate also looks after Sarah’s horses whilst she is at school.

Sarah is a weekly boarder at Scots. She makes the two-hour journey home on Friday nights and back on Monday mornings to take advantage of the flexibility Scots offers - an academic focus during the week and the ability to return to her horses and the family properties on the weekend.

“It was a big change when I came to Scots in Year 7,” Sarah said. “It was a big uplift in academic work, but all the teachers were willing to help me catch up. I really love being a boarder; I love the routine of the boarding house and knowing what’s going on in the school. The support for Prep at night is valuable because there’s always someone around who can help.”

Sarah hopes to study agriculture or rural science beyond school. She is mindful working in agriculture can be so much more than returning to the family farm although that option is also appealing - eventually.

“I love working with animals and where we live,” Sarah said. “There’s a lot to be said for small communities - people are always so friendly and willing to lend a hand. I have some really good friends in our little community.”

Sarah is a regular competitor for the Scots Equestrian Team at the Scots Equestrian Interschool Challenge, which this year was held at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre in May 2023.

The event caters to riders from NSW and Victoria interested in dressage, showjumping, show riding, novelties and handymount. It is a qualifying event for riders who want to compete at either the NSW or Victorian State Interschool Championships and is the only interschool event in the region.

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