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   Greater capacity, rapid fire and rapid flow from Goldacres
Goldacres large trailers feature possibly the quickest filling systems available today. The Fast Fill workstation incorporates all external sprayer functions into one location. Image Goldacres

Greater capacity, rapid fire and rapid flow from Goldacres

An entrant in the Henty Machine of the Year Award, the Prairie Special sprayer comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations, maintaining the simple to use philosophy that’s seen this model become one of the most popular sprayers Goldacres manufacture. 

The Prairie Special was introduced into the Goldacres range in the mid 90s - today the name lives on but it’s a totally new beast, the large frame Prairie Special now consists of 4000, 5000, 6500, 8500 and 10,000L tank capacities with boom sizes 24m to 36m.

Clever in design, simple in functionality, the special shares many design elements of its high-tech brother, the recently released Prairie Pro Series 2.

The paint system on all Goldacres sprayers is a three-step process for excellent strength paint adhesion and chemical resistance. All steelwork is shot blasted, primed and topcoat sealed then baked to a hard waring shiny finish.

The standard jack fitted on the sprayer is a manual wind or there is the option of an hydraulic version.

A 2 or 3m axle can be fitted to the 4000, 5000 and 6500L sprayers while a 2.2-3m axle is fitted to the 8500 and 10,000L models. Other widths are available on request.

Hydraulic brakes are optional on all models up to and including 8500L and are a standard fitment on 10,000L.

Goldacres large trailers feature possibly the quickest filling systems available today.

The Fast Fill workstation incorporates all external sprayer functions into one location, and gives the operator control of two separate plumbing circuits, fresh water going into the sprayer and directing flow from the pressure side to each internal system.

The fill point is three inches with an optional one-metre-high flow hydraulic centrifugal pump offering flow rates of up to 1150L/minute. 

It is easy to service with removable steel covers which also provide protection for tap and lever controls.

Getting chemical into the sprayer has never been simpler of quicker with the 60L induction hopper.

The hopper features a chemical probe connection point in the base, or the operator can tip granular or liquid chemical into the hopper tank.

Tests have shown this hopper can transfer water at the rates of at least 150L/min. A foot valve is fitted to transfer chemical into the sprayer tank and for safety, the hopper tank features both tank and drum rinse valves, a wash down gun is also fitted as standard.

An optional 12-volt chemical transfer pump is also available with flowrates up to 40L/min. Neatly housed and controlled via the fast fill workstation, the transfer pump can handle liquid chemicals of varying viscosities.

Suction on the sprayer is done via a high-capacity three-inch suction filter, a three-way ball valve enables suction from either freshwater tank, used when cleaning the system or from the main product tank to either a diaphragm or centrifugal pump.

Goldacres have used and recommended positive displacement Udor diaphragm pumps for over 30 years, standard fitment is the proven Zeta 260 in either PTO or Hydraulic drive or for higher flow applications you can choose an Arag Multistage centrifugal pump with around 400L/min.

From the pressure side of the pump flow is directed to either tank agitation or tank rinse nozzles when sucking from the freshwater tank.

A two-inch filter is fitted for flow heading to the boom which features a flushing circuit to aid cleaning duties.

The boom fitted to the large frame Prairie Special Series 2 is the proven TriTech in widths of 24, 28, 30 and 36m.

TriTech booms have continually raised the bar in terms of boom stability delivering outstanding spray application. The boom features the unique TriTech suspension to dampen the forces of yaw, roll ad pitch. Hydraulic yaw cylinders stiffen the forward and backward movement of the boom while dampeners control the boom roll. The pitch (up and down) movement is controlled via hydraulic accumulators in the lift cylinders circuit. 

For greater boom control an optional five-sensor radar boom height control system can be fitted.

One inch boom plumbing is fitted for both higher application rates but also to reduce pressure drop along the length of the boom. The standard plumbing configuration is 500mm single line boom valves with five boom sections. Optional plumbing configurations includes 3TS offset with rapid fire and flow boom circulation or 10 section single line rapid fire, rapid flow. 

The sprayer rate control is done using an IsoBus PC 1, allowing fully compatibility regardless of tractor make.

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