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 Combating rising fertiliser costs with PyroAg Wood Vinegar
Miranda Pritchard and James Allen in a canola crop treated with PyroAg Wood Vinegar on their Mallee farm. Image PyroAg

Combating rising fertiliser costs with PyroAg Wood Vinegar

PyroAg, a leader in creating commercial quantities of Pyroligneous acid or wood vinegar, is urging Australian farmers to embrace the next generation of sustainable farming practices, as well as stripping their fertiliser costs significantly.

In 2018, PyroAg joined forces with Newcastle University to complete a study, Effect of Pyroligneous Acid on Microbial Community Composition and Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) in Soils, to uncover the suite of benefits associated with wood vinegar.

The study clearly demonstrated PyroAg Wood Vinegar’s potential in improving the soil biological health by enhancing the beneficial plant growth-promoting bacteria.

PyroAg chief executive officer John Mellowes said modern agriculture relies on the heavy use of pesticides and fertilisers.

“Soil health is affected, and microbial diversity is lost. Soil microbes are vital to soil health and fertility. That is when PyroAg – wood vinegar comes into the picture,” Mr Mellowes said.

“The key is for farmers to look for alternative suppliers of bio-stimulants including local Australian products such as PyroAg Wood Vinegar.”

For Miranda Pritchard, 33, and James Allen, 37, their passion and commitment as young and hardworking farmers shines through in their work ethic and commitment in succeeding with their farm in the Mallee.

And more than that, they are a dynamic duo who are committed in leading by example in discovering and implementing smart agricultural choices to amplify their farm’s soil health.

With 1012ha in the Mallee, they are growing pulse crops, lentils, canola, lupins, beans and cereal crops of wheat, barley and triticale.

Introducing PyroAg Wood Vinegar into the soil in late 2020 has been a significant turning point for James and Miranda in the way they approach successful agricultural techniques.

“We decided to use a natural cocktail of PyroAg Wood Vinegar, kelp and BAM (Beneficial Anaerobic Microbes) for our seed treatment rather than using chemicals and results are clear,” Mr Allen said.

“We use 100ml to a tonne of seed with five litres of water dilution and we found that it is the right combination to get the results we want.

“We also use PyroAg to increase chemical uptake for weed control in sprays such as glyphosate and paraquat.

“We have always been in the mindset of looking for sound alternatives that move against the tide of mainstream agriculture.”

PyroAg Wood Vinegar was one of those answers.

“Miranda and I are confident that PyroAg Wood Vinegar plays a significant role in not only in the soil’s health but also the greener canopies we are seeing in our crops across our farm,” Mr Allen said.

“We have used PyroAg Wood Vinegar a number of times in the last seven months as we try to steer away from chemical insecticides and fungicides as much as possible.

“Products like PyroAg are the only ways in moving forward with a clear conscience that is also profitable and sustainable.”

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