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Mullets a specialty at the hydrogen powered barber shop

H2CutsThere was an endless stream of mullets being shaped and trimmed at a renewably powered mobile barber shop at the 2022 Henty Machinery Field Days.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries H2Cuts was a demonstration trailer themed as a two-stand shearing shed and hosting free haircuts powered by hydrogen across the three days.

The H2Cuts trailer was developed to initiate conversations with the agriculture sector as it explores pathways to reduce energy costs and move towards low or zero emissions energy sources.

The hairdressers wielding the blades on the shearing board were from Wagga Wagga and Griffith.

NSW DPI research officer – energy efficiency solutions Michael Cashen said H2Cuts partners with Sustainable Salons capturing hair waste from across Australia to minimise the salon footprint. 

Mr Cashen said the trailer demonstrated hydrogen fuel cell, solar photovoltaic and lithium ion battery storage technologies.

“We did 52 haircuts on the first day of Henty – we use it as a conversation starter around diesel, fertiliser and chemicals, and how they can be decarbonised,” he said.

“It’s an easy way to ease into that conversation on renewable energy. We have had a lot of farmers lining up for a haircut with many young fellows keen on having their mullets tidied up.

“We are partnering with NSW Farmers on their site and, as our primary focus is the agricultural sector, we will be heading to the Murrumbateman and Orange field days from here.”

Information about energy efficiency measures to reduce on-farm energy costs and emissions developed under the NSW DPI Climate Change Research Strategy was also provided to the barber shop’s customers and field days visitors.

“The trailer builds awareness of important issues such as where agriculture sources its energy, fuel security, transitions to electrification, developing technologies, recycling and the circular economy,” Mr Cashen said.

“Over a typical field day we would use one hydrogen gas cylinder – hydrogen allows you to store excess solar or wind energy as a gas to be used at a later time.”

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