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Educating those wielding the big city shovels on agriculture
NSW Farmers President Xavier Martin is advocating to address worker shortages and the recognition of the value agriculture.

Educating those wielding the big city shovels on agriculture

Protecting production and the recognition of the value of agriculture in mainstream society was under the spotlight as NSW Farmers Association president Xavier Martin addressed Henty Machinery Field Day visitors.

Mr Martin, a grain grower on the Liverpool Plains, was a guest speaker at The Stump on Wednesday, September 21 and outlined the challenge going forward with agriculture.

He emphasised NSW Farmers would continue to advocate on worker shortages in agriculture, and consideration of agricultural production before “anyone considers putting a big city shovel into a farm.”

“It is absolutely critical we get the protection of production, that recognition of the value of agriculture, baked into the process right from the very start,” he said.

“Before some developer goes cruising out to the country to find a spot for a solar installation, they need to know they will need the support of the community and a very strong business case before building on productive land will be allowed.”

Mr Martin said NSW Farmers had been reminding industry bodies, government agencies, policy makers and politicians that agriculture is not just another industry like mining, forestry or construction.

“In short, we’ve been telling them that farms equal food for families. This advocacy work so many of us in agriculture need to be doing, reminding people their daily bread is the result of hard work on good soil with just the right amount of water and sunlight.

“Our productive agricultural land is one of our most precious resources…it is the economic dynamo that drives our communities.

“Support that production and you see new houses, new cars, a bright future for children; take it away and you see the towns wither and die.”

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