A complete redesign for SCORPION telescopic loaders

The new CLAAS SCORPION models have two engine management systems for smooth and efficient operation and transport.

The all-new series of CLAAS SCORPION agricultural telescopic loaders will make its Australian debut at Henty Machinery Field Days.

Developed in partnership with leading materials handling manufacturer, Liebherr, the series has been completely redesigned to deliver even greater handling performance, efficiency, comfort and safety.

Some of the many improvements include the addition of the DYNAMIC POWER engine management system, the SMART LOADING driver-assistance system for easy and precise control, automatic parking brake, optional controlled crab steering and a new cab configuration.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Specialist – CLAAS SCORPION Blair McAlwee said four models would be released in Australia this spring, with a fifth to follow early next year.

“They all have improved working hydraulics and increased lifting capacity, enabling optimal handling performance and productivity,” Mr McAlwee said.

“The SCORPION 732 is a compact, highly manoeuvrable ‘all-rounder’ that has an above-average lifting capacity of more than three tonnes.

“At the other end of the scale, the SCORPION 756 boasts a 5.6 t lifting capacity and a maximum lift height of just over seven metres.”

Another major improvement in the new series is the high-performance drive, which guarantees particularly convenient and precise manoeuvring.

“The proven VARIPOWER or VARIPOWER PLUS transmission has three speed ranges, which are easy to control using the joystick,” Mr McAlwee said.

“An electrohydraulic parking brake is automatically activated if the driver leaves the seat, the machine stops or the engine is switched off.

“When the driver puts a foot on the accelerator to travel in a set direction, the parking brake is automatically deactivated.”

The 732, 736, 741 and 746 are fitted with Deutz Stage IIIA (Tier 3) diesel engines, which develop 136 hp, while the 756 has a maximum rating of 156 hp.

All engines incorporate DYNAMIC COOLING, which automatically controls the fan speed according to engine demand.

“Air is drawn in at the front and flows around the engine and before exiting out the back of the machine,” Mr McAlwee said.

“The reversing fan system also works fully automatically, based on the settings selected by the operator.

“When working in particularly dirty conditions, the driver can also reverse the fan manually at any time, at the touch of a button.”

The new models have two engine management systems for smooth and efficient operation and transport.

“The 746 and 756 models also features DYNAMIC POWER, which regulates the engine speed based on the joystick movements,” Mr McAlwee said.

“The enhanced SMART ROADING automatically adjusts the speed when accelerating and once the maximum speed is achieved.

“The use of both systems in tandem ensures a comfortable ride in all applications, saves fuel and reduces noise.”

In addition to the front, all-wheel and crab-steering modes, all new models come with a manual crab-steering mode.

“In contrast to the traditional crab-steering mode, the front axle can still be controlled, which offers distinct advantages for certain applications, such as compacting the edges of clamps or moving along the walls of buildings,” Mr McAlwee said.

The SCORPION 746 and 756 models can also be fitted with large 500 mm diameter tyres, which offer improved stability and reduce ground pressure when working in the field.

All models are equipped with the proven and robust SCORPION quick-release headstock, which is compatible with older attachments.

A side support for the telescopic arm is also available for all models.

“This additional support provides even greater stability and protection of the machine when work involves significant extension of the arm and major lever action,” Mr McAlwee said.

“The attachment point for the telescopic boom now lies lower on the chassis, significantly expanding the field of view to the right and to the rear.”

The cabs in the new models have also been completely redesigned and offer uninterupted all-round visibility.

“All the important switches and controls are logically arranged and are easy to operate,” Mr McAlwee said.

“All the key functions have been bundled together into a 85 mm (3.5”) screen or optional 175 mm (7”), allowing the operator to see all the important setting, such as speed, steering mode or level of hydraulic oil, at a glance.”

Mr McAlwee said the SMART LOADING driver-assistance system helps to improve efficiency and safety.

“It includes an automatic bucket return and set bucket position for loading operations and automatic overload protection,” he said.

“SMART LOADING also enables fine control of the working hydraulics to enable stacked goods to be positioned with greater accuracy.”

The speed of the working hydraulics can be halved via a toggle switch.