Farm machinery heritage celebrated at Henty field days

Henty and District Antique Farm Machinery Club members will have working demonstrations to entertain and amaze all generations.

Iconic farm machinery manufactured by Cliff & Bunting, CLAAS, John Deere, Nuffield and Lister will take centre stage at the popular vintage display at Henty.

Henty and District Antique Farm Machinery Club will present a comprehensive collection of items, including several working demonstrations.

Pleasant Hills farmer Max Hogg will have a stationary hay press, or square baler, manufactured by Cliff & Bunting for demonstration.

Mr Hogg, a former HMFD director, helped organise the first display of vintage farm machinery at the field days in 1977.

Dating back to 1920, the Cliff & Bunting hay press required six men to operate and it would have been brought into position by a horse, tractor or traction engine.

Hay was then brought to the baler by a sweep and then forked in.

The wooden divider was pushed into separate bales and two men pushed wire ties through and tied them off with pliers to hold the bale together.

Urangeline farmer Colin Eulenstein will demonstrate a late 1940s Bedford truck fitted with a G-Well bag loader.

The bag loader was commonly known by all who used them as “kickers” and have been mechanically, pneumatically and hydraulically powered.

An Australian invention, they were used to load sewn bags of wheat, oats, potatoes and all types of agricultural produce onto a truck.

Almost all carriers’ trucks and many farm trucks in the 1950s through into the 1970s were fitted with a G-Well bag loader.

Henty and District Antique Farm Machinery Club president Trevor Terlich will bring along a Lister portable shearing plant for demonstration, while Ken Paton, Jindera, will have a working water wheel.

Mr Terlich said the ever-popular Lanz Bulldog tractor would be fired up regularly for the crowd’s enjoyment.

“The highlight of the tractor display will be a rare 1926 John Deere D Model meticulously restored by Arnold Schulz,’’ he said.

The club is also contributing a PTO CLAAS Super 500 header, from Pleasant Hills collector Kerry Pietsch, as part of the Australian launch of the 2019 CLAAS LEXION header.

The vintage machinery on display across this year’s field days will include:

Cliff & Bunting stationary hay press – Max Hogg

Koertz wool press – John Kingston

Bedford Truck and G-Well bag loader – Colin Eulenstein

Water wheel – Ken Paton

Drag saw – Peter Creek

Lister portable shearing plant – Trevor Terlich

CLAAS Super 500 header – Kerry Pietsch

Lanz Bulldog D Model tractor – Les and Jason Burns

Nuffield N-4 tractor – Kerry Pietsch

Super AWD-6 1956 tractor – Andrew Newton

John Deere D Model tractor – Jonathan Schulz

John Deere G Model tractor – Jonathan Schulz

Fordson E27N kerosene model – John Kilo

Buick ute 1927 model – Nick Bedgood

Stationary engines