Multi-functional spreader combined with chaser bin

Coolamon’s new Spreader Chaser is a multi-purpose innovative machine for year-round use.

Coolamon’s newest two machines-in-one, the Spreader Chaser, is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The dual-purpose trailing implement integrates a multi-functional spreader with a chaser bin.

The Spreader Chaser was designed and manufactured by Coolamon in Coolamon NSW, and comes in four different sizes SC2416, SC2920, SC3523 and SC4026.

General manager Heath Hutcheon said there was nothing like this machine on the market, making it cutting edge.

“Development of the machine took around six months, but we are lucky we already manufacture award winning Chaser Bins and Spreaders, and we had proven designs for augering and spreading systems,” Mr Hutcheon said.

“The Capacity of the machine ranges from 16,000 to 40,000 litres (water level) for handling a range of bulk materials and granulated products.

“Anything from feedlot waste, chicken manure, lime, right through to urea and superphosphate and all products for your chaser needs.

“All machines feature hydraulically driven front and rear rollers and are all dual axle.”

The Spreader Chaser exhibits key features from both machines.

Spreader features include a self-cleaning hopper, polyurethane spinner blades with bevel-edged spinner disc, variably sized cones, one-piece sidewalls and rubber-lagged self-cleaning tail pulley.

Chaser features include folding auger linkage system, drive system designed for 1000 PTO, and auger unloading rate of 10 tonnes a minute and numerous options as standard.

“The Coolamon Spreader Chaser just like all our other machines are designed and built with strength and have different options that lets us design the perfect machine for the customer,” Mr Hutcheon said.

“This is a cost-efficient machine that will benefit a farmer for more than one aspect of farming.

“It is a justified investment that allows owners to get more value for money rather than buying two separate machines.

“The Spreader Chaser is a more functional piece of machinery on a farm as it is two pieces of equipment in one, making it the smarter choice for buyers as it’s a more affordable purchase.

“The Spreader Chaser is multi-purpose innovative machine that can be utilised all year round.”