Extendable drawbar stretches new Ajust-a-bar by one metre

The new 18.2m model from Ajust-a-bar is 20 per cent wider and an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

In the lead up to sowing 2019, Ajust-a-bar released their new Series 2 model and have also entered it in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Inventor and owner Nigel Martin said the Series 2 Ajust-a-bar was the result of much of the feedback received from customers.

“It is said one of the most important and often hardest things in business is listening to feedback, hearing what your customers want and then making it happen,” Mr Martin said.

“The biggest change is the release of a second sized machine, with a 18.2m model joining the company’s flagship 15.24m model.

“The 18.2m model is nearly identical to the 15.24m machine but is 20 per cent wider when cutting at the same level of aggression.”

The 18.2m model was developed following feedback from the broad-acre farming community, with the extra width enabling them to get over more ground quickly.”

Mr Martin said this was a huge advantage and a really attractive proposition for many farmers.

“But simply releasing a new size machine isn’t all that has come out of the Series 2 release,” he said.

“The Ajust-a-bar has also had significant improvements made to the original design based around the feedback from customers.”

The Series 2 machine offers an extendable drawbar, which can have its initial length stretched by a further 1m, to allow tractors with larger wheel tracks more clearance when working with the bar.

If this isn’t needed then the drawbar can be simply left in its original setting.

Time and effort have also been put into creating continuity of parts in the Series 2 bar, with many of the same parts being repeated and used in multiple locations throughout the machine, thus reducing the volume of spare parts that need to be carried.

An example of this is the 4.4cm round axles are now a standard feature of the Series 2 bar and are used on all gangs, reducing the need to carry different types of bearings or discs.

The original 15.24m machine has also had a facelift as part of the Series 2 release and has had its transport width altered.

The 15.24m machine, which had a standard travelling width of 3.85m for movements on farm, can now be reduced down to 3.5m in width for travelling on public roads, removing the need for a pilot vehicle in some states.

“What is also unusual about the Series 2 release is the updates are all able to retro-fitted to the original Ajust-a-bar, once again showing Ajust-a-bar have been listening to their customers and their feedback,” Mr Martin said.

“These updates to the bar have taken into account the needs of existing customers as well as future customers.

“An Ajust-a-bar is the next step up from the disc chain but with the release of the Series 2 bar we have shown that the evolution is not over yet.”

Ajust-a-bar will be at Henty at block O site number 666-669.