World’s biggest roller-bar rake an entry in Henty award

The new BRX range aims to meet and surpass the growing needs of baler and forage capacity, and features four baskets in a revolutionary new design.

One of the world’s largest roller-bar hay rakes, the Berrima BRX Quad Basket, is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Deniliquin based manufacturer Berrima has constructed the BRX series for Australian conditions and boasts maximum raking widths of up to 16 metres achieved through a quad basket design.

The BRX 1600 is equipped with Timbren suspension for smooth raking.

It has a transport width of 3.2m and length of 11m, a weight of 7.2 tonnes and height of two metres.

Tractor requirements are 180hp while hydraulic requirements are 100 litres/minute.

Featuring four baskets, the BRX 1600 has a raking speed of 8-16km/hr and a maximum transport speed of 40km/hr.

The design encompasses two gauge wheels and 195 tynes per basket.

Individual basket shut off and working lights are standard while options include hydraulic steering and splitters.

It is equipped with Torqmotor ME-21 wheel mount hydraulic motors.

Berrima design engineer Aaron Litchfield said the new BRX range aimed to meet and surpass the growing needs of baler and forage capacity, and featured four baskets in a revolutionary new design.

“The BRX 1600, with a working width of 16m, offers operators greater flexibility and are significantly larger than the company’s flagship range of roller-bar rakes,” Mr Litchfield said.

“There are some significant differences between the new BRX rakes and the company’s previous range.

“All our other rakes are dual baskets with two baskets for each machine.

“This rake has four smaller baskets allowing the machines to have the raking width but with excellent flexibility over uneven terrain while still maintaining all the features of the smaller machines.”

Mr Litchfield said the limiting factor with roller-bar rakes was the length of the tine bar.

“If this large machine had two baskets, the tine bar would be too long and pose two problems – it wouldn’t follow uneven ground well and the tine bars would flex too much,” he said.

“Each of these baskets has two gauge wheels, which allow it to follow the ground closely.

“Each basket has its own hydraulic motor, so it has incredible torque for both silage and normal raking operations.”

Mr Litchfield said the redesigned frame of the BRX 1600 allowed immense flexibility on the go.

The hydraulic-driven baskets mean the tines do not touch the ground, preventing fodder contamination,” he said.

“The basket pitch can be adjusted to prevent roping, allowing the operator to create fluffy windrows for quick drying or tighter rows in windy conditions.

“Each basket is equipped with the Timbren rubber suspension system to allow the baskets to follow uneven ground and glide over rough terrain.

“The basket height is easily adjusted to allow precise levelling and tine ground clearance height.

“The longer baskets allow greater raking speed and we will also be fitting these machines with custom-made heavy-duty rubber-mounted rake tines, which we have developed late last year.

“If you have three rows, you can rake three into two separate rows for better drying rather than one individual row.

“By doing this, the rows land onto dry ground off the mower cut.”

The windrow width can be set on the go anywhere from 300mm right out to half the machine’s raking width if needed.

The delivery width of rake-up is up to 8m wide to flick or invert rows, rather than forming one single windrow.

Each side of the BRX 1600 rake can be operated independently of each other and features 12 hydraulic functions.

Both sides can be lifted or opened and closed, and switched on or off independently, all from the tractor seat, allowing greater flexibility.