Safe and convenient tillage machine from Gason

The Australian designed and manufactured Gason NT8000 features a narrow transport width.

A safe and convenient tillage machine to tow on the road, the NT8000 Narrow Transport planter, has been entered by Gason in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Gason Agriculture division director Greg Gason said the NT8000 was developed due to a growing demand for agricultural planting equipment to meet road transport regulations without the need for a pilot.

Released to the Australian market in February, the 8m working width folds to a transport width of 3.5m.

In-frame wheels are located on two metre centres to suit raised beds and controlled traffic applications, and provide excellent manoeuvrability.

The planter’s robust frame will accept the Gason ScariTill (spring) tines, HydraTill (hydraulic) tines, frame-mounted press wheels and parallelogram press wheels on 178mm, 250mm and 308mm spacings.

Gason’s range of mounted and trailing air seeders are also fully compatible.

“The two innovative design features of the machine relate to the strategic placement of both the wing fold hinges and frame members,” Mr Gason said.

“The wing fold hinge placement and geometry allows the machine to fold up in a compact manner to achieve the narrow transport width, whilst the frame member placement allows three different tine/press wheel layouts with uncompromising clearances from the in-frame wheels for excellent stubble handling ability.

“The machine was designed to utilise the existing field-proven components, namely the Gason range of tines and press wheel assemblies.

“Employing two hydraulic circuits – one to raise and lower the machine, and the other to fold the wings for transport – the machine has been kept simple to operate.”

Mr Gason said maintenance was kept to a minimum with only one grease nipple per tine and only a further 10 grease points on the machine.

He said safety was paramount in the design.

“The wing fold cylinders have direct-mounted over-centre valves fitted plus the added feature of a gate valve for each circuit, conveniently located near the tractor hitch,” Mr Gason said.

“These features ensure neither the wings of the centre frame can accidently unfold, or the centre frame lowered during transport.

“The narrow transport width not only makes it a safer and more convenient machine to tow on the road.

“It does not need to have an accredited pilot.

“Being Australian designed and manufactured ensures we can readily service the product both for spare parts and technical back up.

“Our tine assemblies are renowned for their durability and ability to suit most Australian cropping practices by offering a suite of ground tools and sowing boots.’’

The spring tines incorporate a polyurethane shock-absorbing pad to protect the tine assembly and frame from recoil shock loadings.

In addition, the pivots employ generously sized hardened steel, moly-coated bushes within a captive grease reservoir.