Scots offers high standing of boarding for regional students

Scots Year 7 and 12 boarders chatting to the director of boarding, Neale Poole.

With exceptionally high standards of schooling and boarding experiences offered, The Scots School Albury has been named a finalist in the Australian Education Awards 2019 in both Boarding School of the Year and Regional School of the Year categories.

Scots has been providing a world class education for over 150 years and offers the same opportunities as most city schools, but in a healthy, safe and spacious environment.

Director of boarding Neale Poole said boarding has been an integral part of life at Scots, diversifying the school community by bringing boarders from the region and abroad.

“By living together and serving each other, our boarders are able to shape their character and advocate kindness, honesty and courage within the school community,” Mr Poole said.

“The sense of belonging and community that Scots boarding provides is special.

“Our junior and senior boarders are all friends and they are encouraged to be aware of the needs of others and to support their peers.

“The fact our numbers are relatively small compared to other schools is also a big advantage of boarding at Scots.

“Our experienced staff know our students well, and therefore the level of care is of a high standard.”

One of the strengths of Scots is high academic results and a boarding environment providing substantial learning benefits.

These include fixed study times, extended access to learning resources (such as the library), ‘Prep’ supervised by academic staff and individual study plans supported by a teacher mentor.

“Boarding at Scots gives me the opportunity to receive a quality education in a regional area. I really appreciate that at ’Prep’ we have teachers who teach different subjects and they are there to help me with homework and assignments,” said one Year 12 Boarder.

Boarders can express themselves in dance, join a musical ensemble, transform themselves into new characters on stage, harness their ingenuity in robotics or take part in one of our extensive sports offerings.

They have opportunities to connect with the broader world through service learning and trips abroad and are challenged to overcome adversity in Scots world class Outdoor Education programs.

The Scots School Albury is taking part in the 2019 Henty Machinery Field Days with passionate and dedicated staff available to answer questions on site 30B Block B.