Protecting native biodiversity for future generations

BCT’s Nigel Jones (centre) with the Ken and Jill Hooper on their conservation area in the Murray-Riverina region.

Landholders wanting to protect native biodiversity for future generations may be eligible to receive funding from the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust staff will be at the Henty Machinery Field Days with the best options for your land.

Native biodiversity in NSW is at a greater risk than ever before. With increasing threats from clearing, climate change and more frequent natural disasters, introduced species and habitat loss, the community can no longer rely solely on public protected areas, such as National Parks, for biodiversity conservation.

More than 70 per cent of NSW is owned by private landholders so engaging private landholders is pivotal for conservation.

Thousands of landholders across NSW are already actively conserving biodiversity on their land, whether this be in the form of biodiversity protection, restoration, or seeking more ecologically sustainable forms of production.

These landholders are the unsung heroes of conservation. The Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) supports these landholders to protect an area of biodiversity on their land and ensure native flora and fauna to thrive into the future.

The Trust enters agreements with farmers, land managers, developers, non-government organisations, local councils and other government agencies to provide them with conservation advice and financial support.

Landholders can select an agreement that suits their situation and eligibility. For example, if your property is in one of the tender areas, you may be eligible to apply for a funded conservation agreement and receive annual payments in-perpetuity.

These agreements are also on-title, meaning future owners of your land are obligated to conserve that biodiversity (and will be funded to do so).

This ensures a healthy, productive and resilient environment for you and your local community, now and into the future.