New controlled traffic ready chaser bin from Dunstan

The Dunstan chaser bin features a true 60 tonne capacity, optional load cells, triple axle design and axle steering as standard.

Dunstan’s new 60 tonne chaser bin has been described as a game changer for large-scale farms and contractors, and will be at Henty this year.

The 60 tonne capacity of the new bin allows users to easily keep up with multiple high capacity headers in the same paddock.

The added bonus is the bin is built strong enough to allow a seven metre lateral grain table to extend from the side of the bin reaching the augers of headers with 18m fronts in controlled traffic systems.

Dunstan sales representative Craig Miller said the bin was engineered and built last year, and tested over harvest.

“Dunstan test all of our new product in the rigours of the paddock and the bin is a credit to the engineering team,’’ Mr Miller said.

The bin on show at Henty has hydraulic brakes and load cells giving the user safety and accurate information about on-board and total weight of grain handled.

Featuring a triple axle design, the bin is fully integrated with Agrimatics Harvest software.

“The capacity of the bin and the grain table extension make this the perfect bin for grain producers using controlled traffic,’’ Mr Miller said.

“The extra capacity allows for added distances being travelled in and out of controlled traffic systems, while the lateral reach grain table allows the grower to use the bin without making significant change to their header.’’

Mr Miller said the company had received significant inquiry since the bin was launched in February.

“Dunstan clients are repeat buyers and the 60 tonne bin is a result of client demand,’’ he said.

As well as steering being standard, the new bin also includes a high capacity 60cm unloading auger to make unloading faster.

Dunstan has also introduced a new Centre Lift Mother Bin for producers wanting greater agility and portability in a mother bin but don’t need to move it with grain in it.

“The Centre Lift bin is a result of client feedback from producers who want more portability,’’ Mr Miller said.

“The bin has less axles as it sits on a rigid frame when loaded.

“When you want to move it, simply lift it up and go.’’