Students raising awareness of recycling at field days

Trinity College students will operate recycling stations at the field days and donate the funds raised to an Anglican charity and Vinnies.

Trinity Anglican College students, teachers and parents will man recycling stations at the Henty Machinery Field Days to oversee the correct collection of 10 cent cans and bottles.

Recycling stations will be set up at the east entry gate, western gate, central area near the main food shed, food court adjacent to the Farm Gate Produce Area, Steak House adjacent to the bar and Trinity Anglican College trade stand.

Vinnies bulk recycling in Wagga will provide Trinity with 40 bins and liners, collecting the liners on a daily basis, weigh the items and reimburse the College.

Trinity’s environment co-ordinator Jarryd Thurling said the funds raised from the bottle and can collection would be split between an Anglican charity and Vinnies programs.

“Trinity has a strong focus on sustainability and the environment which has been strengthened by the creation of my environmental role on our staff,” Mr Thurling said.

“We have a comprehensive recycling program at the College, in conjunction with Halve Waste, and wanted to do something similar at the field days.

“At Henty, our students will advise people of what rubbish goes in what bin – recycling, cans, compost or landfill. They will also separate the lids at the point of collection for Envision.”

Trinity students raised awareness at the 2018 Albury Sustainability Festival on the number of coffee cups drunk in the Albury region.

Residents consume 10, 241 cups a day – the students made a sculpture of the number and stuffed it with collected coffee cups for display in QE11 Square throughout the festival.