Quiet and comfortable electric quad bike at Henty

Gina Sutherland rides the new electric ATV by Eco on her Upper Murray farm.

Upper Murray farmers Peter and Gina Sutherland are using the first Eco 4×4 Eliminator electric quad bike in Victoria and NSW.

The comfort and quietness of the Eco ATV Eliminator quad bike has won over the couple and they will have the bike on display at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

The bikes are powered by Odyssey Battery Packs with both single and twin motor options powered up to 30kw.

Mr Sutherland, of Thologolong, had searched for a quiet, alternative quad bike when noise and vibration of conventional machines caused him discomfort.

He read about an electric quad bike in an English magazine and began a search to source one.

“I set up a dialogue with the owner and designer of the quad bike in the UK,’’ Mrs Sutherland said.

“They were looking to franchise the quad Eco bike to Australia.’’

The Sutherlands imported a new 4 x 4 quad bike a month ago.

Mrs Sutherland said it operates with a flick of switch in both 2×4 and 4×4 wheel drive.

“The safety features are common to other bikes including full time lights, indicators, cut-out emergency button, rear vision mirrors, extra wide foot wells, a security cut out link and hazard warning lights,’’ she said.

“We have had our bike set up with a Life Guard crush protection, which gives us a great sense of security.

“We have found it to be responsive and easy to ride – we use it 2×4 drive for all basic work and changed to 4×4 when required.

“The tyres are eight ply with heavy deep treads and the electrical system is rated at 72 volts.’’

Mrs Sutherland said there was no chance of starting a bushfire on high-risk fire days with the ATV Eco bike.

“There is no heat transfer from the exhaust, and it is also more comfortable on the operator’s legs in summer as there is no heat from a motor,’’ she said.

“It is ideal for cattle and sheep work as the livestock are not disturbed by a motor like a conventional quad bike.

“It is ideal for all aspects of farming, hunting, military and security work.’’


Caption: (Eco bike.jpg) Gina Sutherland rides the new electric ATV by Eco on her Upper Murray farm.