Riding pillion with Fat Bob and The Blonde at Henty

Heather Ward and her beloved Fat Bob motorcycle.

A message of resilience, adversity, thinking big and creating a great life is sure to sit well with Country Lifestyle visitors from Fab Bob and the Blonde.

Heather Ward is the peroxided enhanced blonde and Fat Bob is the Harley Davidson model she rides, while towing a camper trailer dubbed Mr T.

Heather will engage audiences with her “Girl Torque’’ at 3.10pm on Tuesday and 3.20pm on Wednesday at Country Lifestyle.

Since becoming an empty nester in 2014, she has been travelling solo around Australia on nomadic adventures, combining her three passions of motorcycling, travel and people.

More recently she has been recovering from an accident, a limb threatening injury.

Heather used her long recovery time to self-publish a book, Fat Bob and the Blonde – Girl Torque, an entertaining memoir about her travels.

Her book and presentation can best be described as entertainment with passion and purpose.

Readers and audiences will enjoy riding pillion with Heather, visiting the sources of her entertaining stories.

However, important messages of resilience, adversity, thinking big and creating a life you want are woven into Girl Torque.