Fifty trees planted on farms for every YTO tractor sold

From each tractor sold, YTO and AusEquip will plant 50 trees on Australian farms.

Fifty trees will be planted with every tractor sold in an effort to reduce soil erosion and increase water infiltration.

YTO Tractors and AusEquip will launch their environmental initiative at this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days.

Each new tractor buyer will receive 50 trees for their farm or YTO and AusEquip staff will donate their time to plant the trees for regional farmers.

AusEquip and YTO marketing manager Sherryn Clarke said even modest increases in tree cover could increase water infiltration.

Ms Clarke said studies showed an excess of 20 tonnes per hectare of topsoil is blown or washed from farmlands in Australia each year.

“By planting trees along contours or areas known to be particularly windy we are creating natural barriers that protect soil and crops from the full impact of strong winds and rain,’’ she said.

“Trees and shrubs growing in shelter belts provide important refuges, nesting sites and pollen and nectar feeding sources for pollinators throughout the year.

“Pollinators are worth more than $1.7 billion a year to Australian agriculture.’’

Ms Clarke said studies revealed lamb losses could be reduced by up to 30 per cent in cold, wet and windy weather if good shelter was provided.

“Trees can help reduce pollution and environmental impact by creating a physical barrier to reduce spray drift, capture pollutants and ammonia from livestock units.’’