Big range of no-till seeders at Henty from Serafin

The Australian built Ultisow S26 8m single disc air seeder will be on display at Henty from Serafin Machinery.

A larger range of no-till seeders with narrow transport widths and row spacing will be on the Serafin Machinery site at this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days.

Each year Serafin Machinery, of Griffith, continue to expand their own Australian built range of Ultisow and Pasture King no-till seeders.

On display for the first time will be the Ultisow S26 8m single disc air seeder with rear mounted Gason 1230IM 3200 litre air box.

Serafin will also have the Ultisow 6m Narrow Fold seeder and 5m Pasture King double disc air seeder.

Sales manager Rodney Dunn said all models on display have similar features such as narrow transport width and row spacing.

“Based on the current climate and recent customer enquiry, we have decided to bring a larger range of no-till seeders to Henty this year to suit the mixed farming operation,’’ Mr Dunn said.

“The narrow row spacings are increasingly popular for better weed control and more versatility in pasture seeding.

“The robust frames are fully customisable, depending on the customer’s requirements.

“Differences will be working widths and types of openers.’’

Serafin Machinery will be located in Block O, site 610-612.