After market remote control system for tipping hydraulics

The Capps Control acts as a stand alone unit or couples with a wireless remote control grain door to remove risks with tipping bulk commodities.

An Australian designed aftermarket remote control system for tipping truck hydraulics, The Capps Control, is among the entries in the Machine of the Year Award.

It acts as a stand alone unit or couples with a wireless remote control grain door to remove many of the associated risks with the tipping of bulk commodities.

The unique feature of the Capps Control is the simplicity of its installation.

Principal Bruce Capps said the unit was initially designed for B Double trucks and road train tippers but was also useful for farm trucks or groupers, some truck and dog combinations and road base spreaders.

Mr Capps said the unit was beneficial for an operator other than a driver to control product flow and other situations where a wireless control system was advantageous.

“A fully self-contained control box mounts behind the driver’s seat and simply T’s into the control hoses coming out of the truck’s hydraulics manual control stick,’’ Mr Capps said.

“A mechanically minded person can install the tipping control in under a couple of hours and in half a day, could have also installed the remote control grain door.’’

Based in Canowindra in central NSW, The Capps Control offers a supply and installation service or provides the units in kit form for DIY with detailed instructions for installation.

“The Capps Control is capable of removing many of the risks associated with tipping of bulk commodities,’’ Mr Capps said.

“It significantly increases the safety of the tipping operation by giving the driver flexibility of position and visibility.’’

The Capps Control uses an Australian manufactured and approved transmitter and receiver operating on 433 MHz and encrypted 32 Bit digital code to provide one of the most secure wireless radio links available.

The receiver and pneumatic control valves are contained in a 200mm by 120mm box usually mounted under or behind the driver’s seat.

It is connected via 6mm polyurethane lines into the existing control circuit for the trucks hydraulic system.

When the truck PTO is engaged, voltage is supplied to The Capps Control and the manual control is left in the neutral or hold position.

The Capps Control is used to manage the tipping action both up, down and hold within a range of 50m from the truck cabin.