Huge trash flow capabilities in new Brookfield SuperDrill

The Brookfield SD150S-TR SuperDrill has accurate seed placement with minimal moving parts, and is capable of one pass sowing into high trash loads.

Brookfield will continue to live by their brand, “Farming for the Future’’, when they unveil the new SD150S-TR SuperDrill in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The Australian designed and manufactured Brookfield SuperDrill is soil management in the one tool – a sowing rig with the added capabilities of a ChainBar and able to handle heavy stubble loads.

It offers the widest variety of proven seeding and pre-seeding applications on the market, with minimum and zero till options available on the same machine.

A variety of tooling can be fitted, including disc, dog leg and prickle chains.

The SD150S-TR provides a level finish for superior small seeds establishment and smooth haymaking.

A small seeds and chemical application kits can be fitted.

With a working width of 15.9m, the SuperDrill folds into a tidy unit with a transport length of 20.5m, width of 5.9m and transport height of 5.2m.

Produced at Cowra in NSW, the 15m wide drill is fitted with twin rows of gangs of coulters at 250mm spacing as standard or options of 200mm or 300mm are available.

Operators can choose to inter-row fertilise in one gang and sow seed on the other at a different depth.

In addition, they have the ability to sow down both rows effectively halving the sowing width.

A single hydraulic ram per gang is used to raise and lower the gang, as well as give adjustable hydraulic breakout pressure.

The coulters have fine depth control from 0-125mm for varying soil types, conditions and applications, and are easily adjusted by a single pin and a series of holes.

The stainless steel seed delivery tubes are height adjustable, designed for accurate seed placement at all depths, with individual spring loaded breakaway for harsh conditions and to allow huge trash residual.

This versatile seeding system combines with the proven capabilities of the ChainBar to give operators the ability to plant most broadacre crops in all types of conditions, levelling the soil in front, seeding with the centre coulters and finishing with the rear chains.

The drill has easy to adjust seed depth control with increments of less than half an inch for accurate seed placement.

It comes standard with a heavy duty undercarriage, high flotation tyres and a walking axle.