New tank design in trailing boom sprayer from JTA

The trailing sprayer from JTA Spraying Equipment, the 8500 Series, is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Listening to farmer feedback has resulted in the new JTA 8500 Series boom sprayer for Wagga manufacturer John Arentz.

He has entered the recently launched 8500 litre trailing sprayer in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

“As an Australian, we should support Australian farmers and also Australian manufacturing,’’ Mr Arentz said.

“Not only do I believe Australian products are better than cheap imports, we need to support jobs for Australians.

“On our sprayers we use Australian made steel, tanks, hydraulic rams, spray hose, piping and more.’’

Mr Arentz founded JTA Spraying Equipment three years ago after working for a regional spray manufacturer for five years

His main focus was building custom truck spray units the established sprayer manufacturers put in the too hard basket.

“After about six months I started getting phone calls off farmers asking if I would build them a more traditional trailing sprayer,’’ Mr Arentz said.

“I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel so just made improvements on what was already out there and listened to what farmers wanted.’’

The new 8500 Series Sprayer with the company’s own tank design was released onto the market in May.

The JTA sprayer comes with standard features other brands call optional extras.

The 36m hydraulic lift and bi-fold steel boom has wilt tilt and features a Hypro pump with a low pressure pump alarm, or can be custom fitted with whatever pump the client requires.

It is equipped with an 8500 litre tank, 600 litre flush tank and boom recirculation.

Fitted with airbag and hydraulic drawbar suspension, the 8500 Series has a 60 litre chemical induction hopper, mud guards and mud flaps, a powder coat finish, LED work station light, blue LED spray lights and a road pack.

Mr Arentz said the sprayer would be ready to use with rate and section controller.