Equalizer takes air carts to a whole new level

Equalizer sets the bar at a new level with the Air Cart.

Two years in the making, the release of the Equalizer Air Cart will be welcomed by growers.

The Equalizer is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award and is a pressurised system designed to remove the risk of air leaks.

To coincide with Australian OH&S regulations, Equalizer have designed a ground filled air cart.

This removes the need of elevated staircases and large lid opening systems.

Each bin/pod has its own internal auger, similar to the bubble auger theory on a header.

Each pod is plastic mould injected leaving a sleek and lightweight finish.

The pods are equipped with Digi-Star scales so the exact weight of each pod is known to the operator.

The Digi-Star scales have an external screen display for filling purposes and also display internally through the tractor’s ISOBUS.

Having a known weight takes the guesswork out of sowing but most importantly, can prevent major miscalculations.

Technology through Topcon is now available allowing the operator to auto-calibrate.

This is achieved through the scales providing the known weight and the GPS providing the hectares planted.

The system can then make the calculations and adjust the product rates with the confirmation of the operator.

An impressive stainless steel metering system below is configured to allow mixing throughout the lines (for example, the operator is able to place 25 per cent of their MAP in with the seed).

Different product can also be allocated to different pods throughout cropping the program allowing for flexibility and efficacy when sowing different crops.

Equalizer has released a limited number of air carts for the 2018 season.

For the 2019 season, Equalizer will have the full Air Cart range from capacities of 12,000 to 20,000 litre in tow-behind and tow-between configurations.

Hargberger Pty Ltd will be servicing South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.