From sires to lamb cuts at the Rene Stud site at Henty

Doug Mitchell, Rene stud, Culcairn, will display Charollais cross lambs from paddock to plate – on the hoof and hook – at the Henty Machinery Field Days

A full carcase of a Charollais cross lamb will be on display, along with various lamb cuts, at the Rene stud site at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

The Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Charollais stud is owned by the Mitchell family, of Culcairn.

Doug Mitchell said the three breeds would be on display plus progeny of varying ages.

“For the first time at Henty, we will have a full carcase of a Charollais cross lamb, plus various lamb cuts, to show the yield, eye muscle depth and carcase quality,’’ Mr Mitchell said.

“We are trying to keep in touch with the consumer as they are the bottom line and we need to make sure we are all on the same page.

“We hope the display in a refrigerated glass case will create some interest and people will come in to talk about how the butcher presents our lambs.’’

Rene Stud has had a great year in the showring, being awarded broad ribbons at the NSW Dorset Championships and Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

There will be a selection of show and commercial rams on display at Henty.

“Our aim is to have a sample of each section of our lamb industry on display, from the sires and commercial rams, to prime lambs, carcase and lamb cuts,’’ Mr Mitchell said.

“We enjoy and look forward to be able to talk face to face with lamb producers and share ideas and help with any inquiries, so please come and see us at Site number 1036 Block V.

The Rene Stud on-property sale will follow the field days and be held on September 28.