Quantum air drill a game changer for durability

The Quantum drill provides precise depth control and ground-following to give rapid, uniform crop emergence.

Described as a “game changer’’ for the Australian tillage industry, the Morris Quantum air drill is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The Quantum’s patent pending, interlocking frame technology replaces butt joints and makes the drill 154 per cent stronger than previous models.

It features increased weight and stronger openers featuring 2.5cm chrome pins, allowing growers to confidently sow deeper.

Other key features include improved shank spacing options, large single flotation tyres, a one-piece packer arm, and a stronger front and rear hitch design.

Quantum has three-metre controlled traffic capability with metric spacings and a 5.4m transport width.

The drill has 75 per cent less parts and 60 per cent less weldments.

An active hydraulic system has the ability to control the Morris auto-lift and auto-pack control.

Adapted from the industry leading trash flow design of the Morris C2 Contour, the Quantum raises the lowest catch point on the opener by 60 per cent and reclines the opener shank 12 degrees, allowing farmers to plant in taller stubble without sacrificing seed placement precision.

Having undergone rigorous testing over nearly 10,000ha in Australia this sowing season without a fault, the Quantum is set to be a “game changer’’ for the durability of seeding equipment bars across Australia.