Steve keeps Country Lifestyle tempo upbeat and fun

Albury entertainer Steve Bowen maybe known for his outlandish suits but he has also captured the hearts of the Country Women’s Association.

He was bestowed with an honorary membership of the CWA at the 2017 Henty Machinery Field Days – one of the few men to receive such a membership that year.

“It was about supporting and promoting the members at the field days, giving them little suggestions to aid in showcasing their product or bringing them out into the arena where people could see them,’’ Steve said.

“It involves keeping it upbeat and interesting as it’s a long day there for everyone – the CWA plays a big support role with the cooking and fashion parades.’’

Steve has been a familiar face in the Country Lifestyle pavilion since 2006, providing the music and acting as MC for the busy stage program.

It is one of the bigger gigs on his event calendar across the year.

He also gives traffic updates and guest spots at Henty for local radio stations across the field days.

But, the real challenge is engaging a transient audience while introducing the various guest speakers and presenters on the program in the large pavilion.

“Country Lifestyle attracts a different person who is not there to see the outside machinery,’’ Steve said.

“We don’t lose people because it is a sunny day – we may even gain more.

“It is definitely now more of a gender neutral zone with a range of topics aimed at a wide range of different people.

“The program has a good mix of generic information plus some of the exhibitors get a chance to showcase their services, clothing or items on the stage.

“The fashion parades draw people in and encourages them to look at all the other sites.

“My role is to keep it engaging, fun and up beat.’’

Steve, 52, is known for his flowing locks and flamboyant suits – he has a total of 26 different coloured suits in his wardrobe.

“I’m there as entertainment to create that spark and talking point – it’s part of my uniform,’’ he said.

“I make sure people know I’m there to help make it fun, enjoyable and entertaining.’’

Steve will fly straight from Henty to Perth to MC the National Polocrosse Championships.

He is founding member and chairperson of the DJ Alliance Australasia, helping raise the standard of MCs and DJs through education, networking and mentoring.

Steve was guest speaker in Chicago, USA, at the Marquee DJ and Photo Booth conference in July.

His passion for inspiring others has given rise to motivational speaking roles, and shares his life and businesses experiences through his “Boomerang Theory’’.

He mentors young people within and out of the industry on life skills.

The Boomerang Theory will be the topic of Steve’s talk on the Country Lifestyle program at 12.45pm on Wednesday, September 19.

Bowen’s Entertainment placed in the top three MCs at the 2018 Australian Bridal Industry Academy “Designer of Dreams” national awards.

For Steve, the business means being authentic, which includes a luxurious mane of hair.

“My mum passed away 25 years ago and I have had my long hair ever since as a tribute to her,’’ he said.

“She always encouraged me to do something unique and turn what you love into a career.

“This is definitely a real job, no different to any other artist – my instrument is my voice and personality.

“I have done a lot of courses so I can be adaptable with my style as I’m not a singer or comedian.

“I understand what value I bring to an event and I like to make sure jobs are aligned with that.’’

At one point Bowen’s Entertainment employed 20 staff, servicing up to 12 events per night and five nightclubs.

As a father of four children and grandfather of two, Steve’s 90 hour working week is now much less and his lifestyle is more in balance.

“It’s great connecting with so many different people at Henty and it’s a real community feel in a family environment,’’ he said.

“I aim to make people feel comfortable in the area and when they are comfortable, they feel better and buy more products.’’

Caption: Entertainer Steve Bowen was inducted as a honorary member of the CWA at the 2017 Henty Machinery Field Days.