Liberty horses, tricks and a good dash of bush humour

Tim O’Brien, pictured with his horse Roxy, will entertain field day visitors with his horsemanship and animal training skills.

Stock and pack horses performing tricks at liberty combined with whip cracking and a good dash of Aussie bush humour is set to entertain visitors each lunch time across the field days.

Cattle producer and natural horsemanship trainer Tim O’Brien will bring his Boggy Creek Show to Henty each day for a 50 minute performance in the sheep dog trials arena.

The Boggy Creek show was staged for the first time at the field days last year and proved a hit with the crowds.

Appealing to all ages, the highly entertaining performance includes horses working at liberty, whip cracking displays, working dogs and plenty of laughs.

Mr O’Brien has been running his Boggy Creek Show, featuring performing horses, dogs, pigs, bullocks, goats, sheep and mules, at his Rosewood property, near Tumbarumba, for well over a decade.

The Boggy Creek stage and arena was built on-farm by Tim and visitors can enjoy a stunning vista of the NSW Snowy Mountains.

He is a third generation cattle breeder and has a rich family heritage of finishing cattle on the mountain snow leases.

Tim’s grandfather ran cattle on a forestry lease in the Bago State Forest from 1932 while his father, Rex O’Brien, grazed cattle on mountain snow leases until 1958.

Tim came up with the idea of the Boggy Creek Show while away shearing and looking for a home based business to supplement income.

The two-hour performance stars horses, pigs, goats, sheep, dogs and miniature mules, and includes a 15-minute break for billy tea over the campfire.

Tim uses pressure and release methods to train the animals, and never uses food as a reward.

Spring and autumn are the busy seasons with two to three shows a week attended by people of all ages, dovetailing with regular horsemanship clinics.