Inbuilt float protection in new octagonal trough

The Tubby trough from Conron Stockcrete, of Grenfell, incorporates float protection.

An octagonal trough with an inbuilt float valve compartment is hot of the press for Conron Stockcrete and an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The octagonal trough from the Grenfell based company solves the age old dilemma associated with round troughs.

Previously, producers buying round troughs had to also purchase float protection as separate, heavy and cumbersome concrete covers, or take the risk of no float protection.

The Tubby trough allows straightforward, easy access to the float area.

The float protection is incorporated into the trough which is poured as one entire piece of concrete.

There are no concrete valve boxes or concrete lids to lift.

Conron Stockcrete director Joel Conron said the galvanised lid was sturdy but easy to lift.

“It doesn’t matter what size your muscles are, anyone can access the float valve and clean out the trough,’’ Mr Conron said.

“This is the ideal livestock watering solution for those who prefer round troughs, being purpose built for ease of maintenance and longevity.

“By far, the most outstanding feature of the Tubby trough is the ease of maintenance and cleaning the design allows.

“There is a tapered sweep through between the float valve and drinking areas, and the entire base is tapered to the outlet.

“It’s all about ease of operation.’’