Two wheel drive electric farm bike cuts running costs

The two-wheel drive electric UBCO 2×2 has running costs of under $1 per 120km.

Two wheels, two motors, no gas and no noise – the two-wheel drive UBCO 2×2 will redefine the way we work with running costs of under $1 per 120km.

With its corrosion resistant, lightweight alloy construction and powerful, near-silent motors, the UBCO 2×2 gives the operator complete control either around the farm or going into town.

The UBCO 2×2 is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year from Konigs, Shepparton, Victoria.

The 2×2 has the power with the 48Ah Lithium-ion battery not only fuelling the bike but also powering tools at the same time, from a mobile phone to a drill.

The 2×2 workhorse can be adapted to suit the operator’s needs with 17 accessory lugs located across the bike.

The dual electric drive is smooth, ultra-quiet and low maintenance – it can go through trenches, up hills, over asphalt and down bush tracks at a running cost of under $1 per 120km.

Weighing in at 63kg, the bike is a road registrable vehicle with brake lights, indicators, a motor cut off switch and steering lock.

It has a maximum range of 120km and a charge time of only six to eight hours.

The UBCO 2×2 features regenerative breaking, which activates when either the throttle is released or the brake levers are activated.