Recycling old, bent steel posts for reuse on the farm

Daryl Irving checks a steel picket after straightening it using the Post Straightener.

That pile of old, bent star pickets at the back of the machinery shed can now be straightened in seconds thanks to an invention by two farmers.

The Post Straightener was developed by two mates, Daryl Irving and Dan Robinson, of Mudgee, NSW, and is an entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Daryl came up with the initial idea about nine years ago while working on a farm and spending a day straightening old steel posts under the tray of the ute, and on the tow ball.

“I thought there has to be an easier way,’’ he said.

“With the help of my business partner Dan Robinson, we plugged away with ideas in my shed and it took many years off and on to get it right.

“Finally we got it working and then the patenting process began.’’

The machine uses a relatively small amount of energy to recycle quality old posts, eliminating the need to mine and manufacture new ones.

Once the old posts are sorted, repaired and bundled, all scraps and broken posts can be send to the nearest steel recycling centre, leaving the “post pile’’ neat and tidy.

A video of the Post Straightener was uploaded to social media in November 2016 and the business partners were immediately inundated with attention.

“Orders for us to go to farms and straighten posts came flooding in and a lot of people also wanted to purchase the machine,’’ Daryl said.

“We held off selling the units because we wanted to do a proof of concept and to make sure the machines were as tough as possible.

“After straightening 112,000 posts we decided, yep, it’s tough.’’

Daryl was introduced to a family engineering company, Leussink, on the NSW south coast.

“We have formed a strong relationship with them and started another company called Post Straightener Australia Pty Ltd,’’ he said.

“This company handles all sales of the machines. ‘’

The Post Straightener was publicly debuted at AgGrow Emerald in June.

“We are extremely proud of what we have developed and look forward to seeing people purchasing our machines to start their own business doing a farm to farm service, saving farmers money and also making a great living while travelling our great country meeting new and interesting people,’’ Daryl said.