Compact, powerful and quiet generator for camping

The compact, small and light 4kva generator is an entry in the Machine of the Year Award by MickeyBLU Australia.

A generator able to run multiple appliances at a noise level quieter than human speech is an entrant in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Western Australian company MickeyBLU has entered the 4kva pure sine wave generator, released onto the market this year.

MickeyBLU director Mick Ryan said the new fully functional and powerful portable unit was designed for the Australian caravan industry.

Mr Ryan said the generator, which had undergone six years of research and development, offers constant 3200w of power.

“At 20kg lighter than our closest competitor, the generator has two times the power and we believe we have captured the industry’s demand for quiet, portable power,’’ he said.

“This generator also features a remote control start up to a 20 metre distance operating through tin, brick and fibreglass.

“Customers can start their 4kva generator without even getting out of bed.

“All of this is operated by a 12v 5amp battery.

“An added bonus is the inbuilt collapsible trolley and wheels making it easy to move around.

“This generator also offers the latest LCD screen displaying all volts/amps/watts, min/hr the generator has been working for, a meter and fuel gauge level and float in the five litre stainless steel tank.’’

Mr Ryan said the unit was sourced directly from the factory making Hyundai Korea generators.

“We designed our own case (shape and size), control panel and specification foot print (285mm wide x 495mm high x 520mm long) – it is compact, small and light,’’ he said.

“We are selling over 100 per month across Australia and this is increasing every month.

“At Henty we will have a hands on demonstration of the 4kva generator, running multiple appliances at the same time and demonstrating how it is quieter than human speech when operating.’’