Full power turns and ground contact with SmartTrax™ II

New Holland has introduced SmartTrax™ II to the T9 Series of tractor models.

Full power turns, superior ground contact and maximum performance are the advantages of New Holland’s T9 Series tractors fitted with SmartTrax™ II.

The SmartTrax™ II Standard Track features a durable agricultural traction lug and will be on display at this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days.

New Holland product manager for T9 tractors, Marc Smith, said the uptake of track-equipped tractors in the higher horsepower segments had grown considerably over the past five years.

“Customers are looking for a tractor that provides increased performance where required in different applications on the farm,’’ Mr Smith said.

The Standard track modules, fitted at the factory are designed with an agricultural lug tread on the T9.615 and T9.670 models.

This lug has a tread height of 50mm, spaced 150mm apart, offering improved traction over wheels in a variety of soil conditions.

Both the New Holland T9.615 and T9.670 SmartTrax™ II models offer a standard 36 inch wide track, which provides a total footprint of 11,200 square inches.

Traction is maximised for heavy tillage equipment and large seeders when operating in a host of varying soil conditions.

The large footprint increases traction and flotation while reducing soil compaction and damage, which leads to increased soil fertility and water drainage.

Overall benefits of the SmartTrax™ II system include full power turns, superior ground contact, positive, efficient drive and maximum performance.

Articulated steering maximises the ability of all four tracks to remain on the ground at all time, not just in a straight line.

This enables the torque to be equally transferred during the turn, reducing both loss of traction and soil disturbance.

Thanks to the oscillating track modular design, uneven terrain is no match for the T9 Series SmartTrax ™ II.

The tracks will simply follow the contour of the ground to ensure the operator maximises traction and reduces potential slip.

This also increases flotation and reduces compaction to maximise soil fertility and water drainage.

SmartTrax™ II features the largest drive wheel in the industry. It is a 100 per cent direct drive system – no friction elements that can slip under wet conditions.

With eight drive lugs engaged at all times, the load per lug is reduced for extended durability.

An integrated scraper helps reduce soil build-up between the drive and belt lugs to maintain alignment and drive lug engagement.

The T9 Series SmartTrax™ II model comes equipped with additional Camoplast 5500 Series 36 inch track belt, engineered for use in tough conditions in the new standard track design.

The 5500 Series tracks are the right choice for operating on side hills and abrasive underfoot conditions.

Camoplast 5500 tracks feature an improved carcass construction that greatly reduces damage reaching the main cables.