Robust Russian design coupled with lower price tag

The newly imported 428hp Kirovets tractor will make its debut at Henty.

Russian manufacturer, Kirovets, is banking on that search for simplicity and ruggedness with the debut of its 428hp articulated tractor at the Henty Machinery Field Days.

The newly imported 428hp Kirovets articulated model, the K-744R, features contemporary styling matched a Mercedes Benz engine and a price tag much lower than industry competitors.

The tractors are imported by APCO Machinery, a subsidiary of the Australian Productivity Council, established to offer practical, well-made and reliable equipment to farmers at a much lower price.

Kirovets tractors range from 300 to 428 horsepower and have a target price of about 40-60 per cent of the list price of a comparably specified tractor.

Australian Productivity Council’s Alex Milne said the Kirovets was well-engineered, simple, robust, reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

“Australian cereal producers do not earn a particularly high income, considering the size of the machinery and property investment required,’’ Mr Milne said.

“The purchase and operating cost of machinery should be at the forefront of their minds.

“A Kirovets tractor can help as it is designed to deliver large, measurable productivity gains.’’

Tractive effort and pulling power are exceptional given the ideal 60/40 front to rear weight distribution, locking axles and mechanically efficient transmission.

Mr Milne said the entire design was based on simple, robust and durable technology with minimal electronics and few computers.

Components are sourced either from top suppliers such as Mercedes Benz, TMZ and Bosch Rexroth or produced in-house.

Kirovets have produced tractors since 1924 and have made more than 480,000 large articulated tractors since 1962.

Established in 1801, the factory has also made machinery such as military tanks, locomotives and naval destroyers.

Tens of thousands of their old tractors are still in use around the world, and these are old models are still supported with factory spares.