LLS helping land managers to improve productivity

Local Land Services staff at the 2016 Henty Machinery Field Days.

Local Land Services regard the field days as the perfect opportunity to engage with the people it exists to serve – the farming sector.

Each year, staff from both Murray and Riverina Local Land Services are present on-site at Henty providing information and advice, and talking through issues.

In 2016, hundreds of people visited the site to see the display.

“This year we will showcase the many aspects of our business, how we help land managers throughout the region to improve productivity, reduce pests and protect and enhance our natural resources,’’ Murray Local Land Services communications officer Matt Lane said.

On-hand to offer information and advice will be the agricultural extension team, animal health/invasive species staff, communities team, customer service personel.

Visitors can speak to the mapping/GIS staff, natural resources management group, sustainable land management team and travelling stock reserves rangers.

The Local Land Services shed also houses staff displays from a range of related partner organisations, which last year included the NSW Rural Assistance Authority, Safework NSW and the NSW Rural Police.

The shed is located at site 311, at the corner of 6th Ag Place and 4th Farm Avenue.