EXELPET provides protection for precious pets

EXELPET offers worming and flea treatment, flea prevention and heartworm prevention for dogs.

By treating adult fleas on the family pet dog is only addressing the tip of an iceberg.

At any given time, only around five per cent of the total flea population in a pet’s environment are adults, according to pet health care brand EXELPET.

There is a continuous cycle of flea development with adults laying eggs, which fall off the pet.

Developing fleas spend most of their life away from your dog or cat, preferring dark, warm environments, often in bedding or carpets pets rest or sleep.

Adult fleas lay up to 50 eggs each day and immature fleas in the environment (pupae) can survive in the environment for up to 12 months.

Adult fleas emerge with the onset of warm weather, heating of homes during winter or simply changes in the pet’s environment.

If the environment or other pets are untreated, your pet is likely to be re-infested with new fleas and as a result, it may appear the product is not doing its job.

For effective control, it is essential to treat the environment as well as the pets with EXELPET flea prevention all year round.

The EXELPET brand is a well recognised and trusted pet health care brand that has been helping to protect Australian dogs and cats from parasites since 1972.

EXELPET products are clinically proven, and a quality, affordable solution designed to help pet owners maintain their pet’s health and well-being.

The EXELPET range provides worming treatment, flea treatment and prevention for cats.

For dogs, EXELPET offers worming and flea treatments, flea prevention, heartworm prevention and Arthricare – a product for the relief of arthritic symptoms.

For more information speak to EXELPET representatives at the Henty Machinery Field Days or visit www.exelpet.com.au