AberLasting is new drought and cold tolerant super clover

The first super clover to be released, AberLasting, will be debuted at the field days by Upper Murray Seeds.

The first super clover to hit the market, AberLasting, will be showcased at the Henty Machinery Field Days by Upper Murray Seeds.

AberLasting has been developed to incorporate the benefits of Caucasian clover with white clover.

With stolons above ground and rhizomes below, AberLasting is a resilient plant with a larger, deeper and more persistent root system.

Upper Murray Seeds southern NSW area manager Andrew Harborne said AberLasting established quicker than Caucasian clover, and recovered more quickly than white clover.

“It’s also more drought tolerant than white clover, has excellent cold tolerance and can withstand heavy grazing, and its nitrogen fixation is comparable to white clover,’’ Mr Harborne said.

The Upper Murray Seeds agronomy team understands how important it is to take a strategic approach to farming and works with landholders to grow their business through pasture renovation with purpose.

Upper Murray Seeds is a privately Australian-owned seed business with local origins, but now operating in all states.

“Our agronomy team enjoys the opportunity to connect with farmers at the Henty Machinery Field Days and explain the importance of strategically planning pasture renovation,’’ Mr Harborne said.

“Farmers can rehabilitate their farm paddock by paddock, in a strategically planned system.

Mr Harborne said agronomy assistance would result in improved pasture growth and productivity.

“By working together to make better choices to solve your particular challenges we can strategically overcome feed shortages, improve soils and build pasture base to become more productive and profitable.

“Some of the tools at our disposal include super multi-purpose lucernes, Silverado (winter activity 9) and Silverosa GT (winter activity 7).

“These tough Australian-bred lucerne varieties provide multiple features such as inbuilt broad-spectrum disease and pest resistance, rapid regrowth and superior heat and cold tolerance.

“And, in the case of Silverosa GT, high levels of grazing and salt tolerance.’’

Upper Murray Seeds can be found on 6th Farm Avenue at the field days.