Recharge helps to extend lives of batteries on farms

Debbie and Gerard Anselmi will be at Henty with their Recharge Battery Conditioner.

Lead acid batteries usually die prematurely from sulphation build-up on internal lead plates.

And, according to Gerard Anselmi of Recharge Battery Revitaliser and Conditioner, sulphation is easy to treat and prevent premature battery failure with their simple recharge battery conditioning program.

“We are chemically reversing the sulphation process, one chemical reaction to counter another, maximising battery charge holding capacity and preventing premature battery failure,’’ Mr Anselmi said.

“The key is to get in early before the damage has been done.

“Dead batteries are usually dead, forget about them and focus on your good batteries because they will often go for 10 years or more if you look after them.’’

A Recharge Battery Conditioning program involves treating batteries early, repeating the process every two years and keeping them charged.

“Don’t wait until they die and try to resurrect the dead because after the plates have been damaged, it is too late,’’ Mr Anselmi said.

Recharge will be at the Henty Machinery Field Days on site V-1051.

The 500ml farmers pack works out at around $4.50 per car battery while a more cost effective two litre commercial pack treats 42 x N-70 batteries or 22 x N-150 truck batteries, or about five sets of electric golf cart batteries.

“Sealed batteries can be treated simply by drilling into each cell treating and resealing with sika-flex or a plastic bung,’’ Mr Anselmi said.

“Recharge is also great for deep cycle batteries like fork hoists, scissor hoists and stand-alone power system batteries.’’