Students can learn about wool and win $1000 for school

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-31-50-amRegional sheep and wool experts will combine to stage an interactive display at the Riverina Institute of TAFE site at the Henty Machinery Field Days, with schools able to win up to $1000 in cash.

The TAFE Riverina site is promoting educational and training pathways into the agricultural and horticultural industries with a focus on sheep and wool production.

Staff from the Primary Industries Centre, Wagga, will be instructing students in shearing, wool handling, classing and promoting sheep, shearing, and discussing the courses on offer.

School students visiting the site at N562-563 on 9th Farm Avenue can complete an activity sheet and go into the draw for either $1000 or $500 cash, or a $200 gift voucher from Riverina Co-op for one lucky student.

Stuart Kanaley is supplying the sheep to be shorn and Blyth Merino Stud, Tarcutta, are displaying stud sheep, covering the benefits of genetic selection for non-mulesed sheep, and steps to improving wool and meat production.

Craig Wilson and Associates will demonstrate sheep classing and discuss the benefits of benchmarking the economic traits of Merino sheep, using visual and objective measurement.

Mr Wilson will also outline the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge.

Riverina Wool Testers will be testing for micron, length and strength on fleeces shorn in real time.

Australian Wool Exchange national registrar Fiona Raleigh will discuss clip preparation standards and wool market reporting, while Fox and Lillie Wool Brokers will value and prepare wool as it is being shorn.

A representative from Lake Road Veterinary Clinic will be on hand to discuss health and welfare issues relating to all animals and careers in vet nursing, and carry out livestock demonstrations.

Automed will demonstrate the Next Generation Livestock Medication System, calculating the optimal medication for each animal, administering each dose and automatically recording the data by scanning an electronic ear tag.