Haze Ag back in Henty awards with modified spreader


Richard Hazelton has entered the Haze Ag TF 15 spreader in the Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Last year’s highly commended exhibitor in the Henty Machine of the Year Award, Haze Ag, is back again this year with the Haze Ag TF 15 spreader.

Haze Ag principal Richard Hazelton said the spreader featured a gooseneck hook-up to double spreading capacity.

“It uses the tractor of the same horsepower and a five metre bin against a three metre bin on a stretched chassis, more than doubling the tonnes per hour spread,’’ Mr Hazelton said.

“Using a Bartlett Ball allows the operator to hook up closer to the tractor cab, which transfers more weight to the tractor and provides lower overall compaction.’’

Mr Hazelton said the outcome was greater safety by transferring weight to the tractor.

“It increases spreading time and reduces cost per load,’’ he said.

“The tractor chassis does not have to be extended as it would for a three metre bin, and so can be used for other purposes such as spraying, sowing and hay making.

“It results in a tighter turning circle and improved re-sale of the tractor.’’

Air suspension gave a smoother ride and allows the spreader to be lowered for easier loading.

The BPW Axle has brakes for added safety.

“The hopper has a front roller drive to assist in machine start-up,’’ Mr Hazelton said.

“We also have a new polyurethane front door roller tail pulley which is self cleaning, and a new 5mm cleated belt.

“This is all designed to increase spreader output. A new polyurethane skirt with a steel band increases strength.

“A new design at the top of the bin allows easy mounting of the roll-over tarp.’’

HazeAg variable sized cones store neatly in a purpose built rack beside the spinner motors.

“We have designed improved valve block with over-run, relief valves and pressure compensated, proportional flow control,’’ Mr Hazelton said.

“This allows the operator to isolate the electrics from the hydraulics – a must have tool when diagnosing problems in different makes of controllers.’’