Australia’s smallest and lightest pulse tig and arc welder


Australia’s smallest and lightest digital AC/DC Tig welder is an entry in the Machine of the Year award.

Australia’s smallest digital Tig AC/DC welder, weighing just eight kilograms, is an entry in this year’s Machine of the Year award.

Graeme and Helen McLaren, owners of Magnum Welders Pty Ltd, will unveil the Mini Digital Tig 200E AC/DC Pulse Tig-Arc Aluminium 200amp welder at Henty.

The welder is an advancement of the previous equivalent welder weighing 30kg.

It adopts the latest Pulse Width Modulation and IGBT Inverter technology which replaces heavy transformer technology.

Thus it is characterised by a portable size, lightweight and low power consumption.

“This unit has been manufactured for Magnum Welders and is comparable in quality and performance to any larger European welder,’’ Mrs McLaren said.

“The parameters on the front panel can all be adjusted continuously via one dial, such as start current, crater arc current, welding current, base current, duty ration and upslope/downslope time.

“There is also pre/post gas, pulse frequency, AC frequency, hot start, arc force and arc length.

“When welding, it takes high frequency and high voltage for arc igniting to ensure the success ratio of igniting arc.’’

The features include 2T/4T exchange function, DC function for mild steel, stainless steel, copper, chrome moly and non-ferrous metal materials, AC function for welding aluminium and aluminium alloy materials and digital LCD display to show the current output precisely.

The Mini Digital Tig200E comes with a 3m electrode holder lead, 3m earth clamp lead, and 4m gas hose.