Serafin Pasture King a true all-round disc seeder


The Serafin Pasture King can sow on beds, row crop or as a broadacre seeder for winter cereals.

Growers wanting to sow along contours or in undulating ground should inspect Henty Machine of the Year entry, the 2016 Serafin Pasture King.

Entered by Serafin Machinery at Griffith, the Pasture King double disc seeder range is based on the popular single disc narrow fold concept.

The machine suits undulating ground, rocky conditions or sowing along contours, and is available in widths ranging from 5m to 7m.

It has a transport width of under 3.5m which means no escort when moving from property to property.

Serafin Machinery sales manager Rodney Dunn said the Tatu double disc units were similar to the Semeato double disc.

“They have been proven to handle large amounts of trash as well as excelling when sowing through existing pastures,’’ Mr Dunn said.

“Couple this with a narrow row spacing of 155mm upwards and accurate seed placement, there is no doubt why this is the King of Pastures.’’

Mr Dunn said the frame was designed with strength, manoeuvrability and weight distribution in mind.

“With the row units mounted on a single row, the machine is short in length resulting in great manoeuvrability and less weight on the tractor linkage, yet it still has enough weight overall to be able to sow into hard, cattle compacted ground,’’ he said.

“This machine is much more than just a pasture renovator.

“It can handle sowing on beds (great for canola in a HRZ), in row crop for sowing rice or when put on wider row spacing as a broadacre seeder to sow winter cereals.

“The Pasture King is a true all-rounder. ‘’