Soil care and innovation behind new model deep ripper


The Marshall Multispread MDC can calibrate and control fertiliser application in the paddock.

Technology with the ability to calibrate and control fertiliser application is an entry in this year’s Henty Machine of the Year Award.

The Marshall Multispread MDC, a new product developed by Roesner, was recently launched to farmers across Australia.

The system consists of an electronic actuator fitted to the spreader feed door, load cells to weigh the hopper contents, electronics module and an app running on a mobile device.

The app software determines the door opening required to achieve a particular fertiliser application rate and then controls the door position wirelessly over Bluetooth LE protocol.

Roesner technical director Matthew Roesner said the door could be adjusted to vary the fertiliser application rate on the go.

“By combining the positional accuracy of the actuator with the load cell feedback, precise calibration of the spreader is possible,’’ Mr Roesner said.

“At the end of the job, data is stored within the app allowing the grower to keep accurate records of where fertiliser was applied.’’

MDC allows cost effective calibration and control of the Marshall Multispread.

“Costly and complex wiring harnesses are not required as the system is based on a Bluetooth LE network which simplifies both installation and maintenance,’’ Mr Roesner said.

“It can be retro-fitted to older Multispread models, by simply bolting the actuator to the feed door and connecting the electronics box.’’

Roesners have partnered with SoftWaring Solutions, the developers of InMotion, a flexible cloud based platform for managing geospatial and temporal data.

The InMotion web app tracks the spreader in the field and provides a map of applied fertiliser updated in real time.